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Digital Economy Expo

Digital Economy 2020 - is a platform where technology meets key decision makers, money and demand. We are looking forward to welcome the most exciting players and innovators from across the spectrum who are leading digital enterprise transformations from around the world. The conference will take place on 19 -20 August 2019 and we are heading over to Manila, Philippines - a potential utopia for mainstream fintech ecosystem adoption.

Experiential and unmissable conference where Digital Payment is our focus. Merchants and start ups are able to present a live demo of their products siezing the opportunity to spark deals that fuel progress towards a seamless digital economy.

Conference Date

DIGICON 2020 Connecting the Unconnected
August 19-20 2019

What to Expect

Unique Experiential Expo


2 day Expo where we gathered all the top leaders of The Digital E-commerce and Blockchain industry to discuss the importance of Digitalization.


Over 50++ Merchants exhibitors selling Local foods,Products, clothing line including Top Brands. 30++ Worldwide Project Exhibits in a unique shopping experience .

Cashless Economy

Pay your Meals, Shop using Digital Wallets an Crypto all thru out the E-Bazaar where you can experience the real use of the technology.

Skyrocket your App Download

Guaranteed App Downloads and Sign-ups with our 2000++ Attendees that will come all over the world.This is a one of a kind event.

Who are the Attendees

Digital Accessibility in your Fingertips

Connect the Unconnected!

We are living now into a digitaly engaged economy, where there are now multiple payment gateways in the country that offers accessibility and faster payment processing.The rise of Internet and digital technologies creates a new economy that makes businesses more efficient, innovative and agile. From very small businesses to multinational corporations, can benefit from the Digitalizations. One of the Benefits of Digitalization, it brings together more options for business, increasing competition and choice. This has benefits for consumers and sellers in the form of a broader, more competitive marketplace.

Digicon2020 is an Expo where you as a consumer and merchant will have full access and support in moving to the Digital Lifestyle. We invited the Key leaders in the industry to discuss the importance of the technology and how it can help the society.

Digicon 2020 focuses on the real use of the latest technology such as Digital Payment, Blockchain projects for Health, Educating , Gaming, Entertainment, Sports,where the only way to educate the people is by letting the participants experience it in real life. Partipiants are coming from various industries such as: Business innovators, government representatives, policy makers, start ups and trade leaders from industries involved in fintech, banks, e-commerce,digital marketing, AI, blockchain, IoT, remittance companies,gaming, digital assets, cloud/big data & telecommunications companies. Our executive discussion panels and business-to-business matchmaking sessions provide attendees with face-to-face interactions between across different industries, companies, and individuals.

Who are the Attendees

Digital Accessibility in your Fingertips

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